Discovering St. Louis Style Pizza in Central Virginia

Experience something new and exciting with St. Louis-style pizza at Bozzelli's Deli & Pizza! Learn more about this unique style of pizza and where you can find it in Central Virginia.

Discovering St. Louis Style Pizza in Central Virginia

Are you looking for a unique pizza experience in Central Virginia? Look no further than Bozzelli's Deli & Pizza, which recently introduced St. Louis-style pizza to its Crystal City branch. Co-owner Michael Bozzelli has crafted a special blend of American cheese, provolone and cheddar (inspired by traditional Provel) to create the perfect pizza. This type of pizza is characterized by a thin dough, similar to a cookie, and is cut into squares.

Currently, it is only available at the Crystal City location, but Bozzelli hopes to expand to the other three Northern Virginia locations soon. There are also plans to open a branch in D. C., although no specific details have been released yet. St. Louis-style pizza is hard to come by in D.

C., and it's even more difficult to find outside of the city. The style originated in the 1920s and 1930s when Italian-Americans moved to work in factories across the United Kingdom. It was popularized by Fiore, a pizzeria in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was the first to offer Provel cheese as a topping in 1953. The Melrose Café & was the first pizzeria to open in St.

Louis in 1945, and it was here that Ulrich told Fiore that hotel guests from New York and Chicago were asking for pizza. This inspired Fiore to create the first square portion of St. Louis-style pizza by cutting the round cake into squares with scissors. If you're looking for an authentic Italian experience, head over to Pizzeoli where they have an Italian oven for wood-fired pizza. You can try Pomodorini, a classic Italian pizza, or any of their other delicious options. So if you're looking for something new and exciting, why not try St.

Louis-style pizza at Bozzelli's Deli & Pizza? You won't be disappointed!.